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By continuing, you acknowledge that you understand your duty of disclosure and that there is no Personal Liability for overseas weddings.

Silver $418.50

Wedding Event Cancellation, Postponement or Rescheduling # $16,000
Wedding Attire and Wedding Ringsasdasd $5,000
Wedding Gifts ^ $4,000
— sub-limit for money $500
Wedding Supplier Failure $6,000
Sub-limit for hired cars or transport $3,000
Accidental Damage to Hired Equipment $2,000
Personal Liability * $5 Million
# Wedding Event Cancellation, Postponement or Rescheduling not covered if purchased less than 30 days before the wedding.
^ Sub-limit of $500 per item applies for wedding gifts. Maximum limit for money as a wedding gift is $500.
* Personal Liability not covered for overseas weddings.
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